sweet tweets

birdsPG once again found a sweet craft activity for us…  this one comes from Spool Sewing.

So this week the Den girls got together and crafted up some these darling birds to give to Mrs B when her baby comes.

Well LRB came this week so bird production went into overdrive and today we presented her with her little bird mobile.

I also found a bunch of bells that we had lying around the house (don’t ask me why) and we included them so the birds jingle when you move them.

This was a fabulous project that we created together – and made a beautiful and original gift that  hopefully LRB will cherish (and doesn’t give her freakish bird nightmares!).


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mama needs new shoes

shoeswell baby needs new shoes…

I loaded up a post about baby cloth shoes last week and this week I had a crack at them. They turned out to be a bit fiddlier than I thought and I had a little trouble with these ones so I am putting them down to being the prototype (even though they are someone else’s design)

Check out the result, so cute…

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cameo silhouette

march-2009-0041Lis has been crafting up a storm lately and has just sent around her latest creation – a beautiful silhouette of baby V.  Its just beautiful and will make a stunning addition their wall.

Lis told us how she did it.

  • Take a picture of your subjects side profile
  • Using a computer image program change picture to black and white. I used photo shop and also darkened picture so I could see the outline easily
  • Print your picture and cut out line of subject
  • Place your cut out subject on a black piece of card/paper and trace around with a white pencil (lead pencil shows up too)
  • Cut out your tracing to leave you with a silhouette of your subject. Erase any pencil lines with a rubber if you can see them
  • Find a frame you like that will fit your silhouette
  • Cut out white or coloured card to fit inside frame. This will act as your background. I used Green
  • Glue your silhouette picture to your background card and place in frame, easy!
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    baby shoes

    sewnbabyshoes-1A couple of our little friends have just started walking and Lis has been talking about making fabric shoes so I did some digging around and found this pattern.

    It looks pretty easy so we may give it a crack. 

    And then I found these…  I think I’ll make some kimono shoes to go with the kids’ kimono we’ve made before.  How adorable!

    il_430xn_44445261This pattern comes from Homespun Threads and is a gorgeous twist on the fabric shoes.

    I’m thinking of also adding some jiffy fabric or non-slip fabric to the bottom of them so the girls can actually walk in them without toppling over… hmm we’ll see.

    Den girls get your fabrics ready!

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    eggscellent weekend

    eggsThis weekend a group of the Den gals (sans Mrs B who is close to delivering her little bundle) went to the farm with families in tow.

    With Easter approaching I thought it would be a good idea to get Pol and Zis to help out with some craft. I got the inspiration from Martha Stewart (oh Martha!) and we took the food colouring and some stickers and created Easter craft.

    I’d recommend dyeing the base colour first so the kids don’t have to  wait 15 minutes for them to dry but in the end they turned out to be masterpieces (well a 5 and 3 year old masterpiece).  Next time I must remember to take pirate stickers and more pink dye!

    In any case it was fun and Pol was eggcited to take his egg for show and tell this week!  Happy Easter all…

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    craft hiatus

    skirt-bookIt’s been such a long time since I blogged about craft because there hasn’t really been much we’ve been up to…

    This month the Den girls have not been able to catch up – some of us have been away,  others just busy but its time to get cracking again.

    For inspiration I have bought a couple of books to get me on my way.

    In my quest to make more clothes for myself I bought this gorgeous book on making skirts.  I love how simlple they have made the patterns and am looking forward to rummaging through the den to find some inspirational fabric.

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    kimono for me

    top1After making a kimono for little IW I thought about making one for me. I have something similar that I bought a while ago and I’ve been wearing it to work all summer.

    Last time the Den girls were together I spent ages trying to do some maths to work out the measurements for adapting the child’s kimono into an adult’s top.

    I would have spent an hour thinking about it (maths is not my strong point and after a long day and a glass of wine… it was never going to happen)  PG took the instructions from the Long Thread tutorial and worked it out in about 3 minutes.

    Well she was pretty much right and I finished my top this evening – and I have to say I am a bit pleased.  It turned out pretty well – in fact I’m going to wear it tomorrow to work.

    There is something so satisfying about wearing something you made yourself.

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