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August 19, 2009 at 12:58 pm Leave a comment

dinoI’m back after 8 weeks away and itching for a stitch.

My mate just had a baby and I wanted to give her something crafty for the baby but have been a bit strapped for time.

So I picked up a project that I started at one of our first Den sessions.  Mrs B brought along a pattern for a dinosaur softie that her aunt gave her and I copied the pattern.  Unfortunately I did not write down any instructions (because I have this false sense of craftiness that I can create anything – which usually ends in failure!)

So I was guessing as I went along and like most Ikea projects ended up with some bits left over and had to restuff it after I realised I had left its bum open and stuffing it from there and restuffing would leave a messy… well bum.

Plus the fabric I used is curtain material and was fraying badly as I stuffed around with it.

If you don’t look too closely it turned out ok although I have had to give instructions for Raff not to play with it due to the small parts and some dodgy  sewing but looking at it, its ok.

Tips for young players – curtain fabric is not the best for softies – the fabric looked like it was going to pull and fray so more research into curtain fabric and sewing is needed (I have 5 mtrs of this fabric because I loved it!)

Anyway… dinosaur.  A cute little project that with different fabric, time and patience could be much better!


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